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H. ROGERS CLARK biography

Thesaurus Ink will be releasing three novels from one of the most provocative writers today, H. Rogers Clark.  Arousal Jag: A Tale of Wall Street Virtue and Vice, S(k)in, and Signs Follow on the Chesapeake are now available.

H. Rogers Clark is  a true Wall Street insider.  He was a Director at a major financial services firm headquartered in New York City.



WARNING:  H. Rogers Clark's novels contain explicit and realistic sex scenes.  They are not suitable for children under the age of 18.

AROUSAL JAG:  An instant cult classic, the provocative Arousal Jag is a must read for every thinking adult.  The secrets of Wall Street are revealed as a new hire to Peirrepont and Company must prove his mettle through a series of hedonistic and violent tests designed to expand his mind with a sensory overload of sex, drugs, and privilege.  Not for the faint of heart.

S(K)IN:  A stunning follow up to Arousal Jag, S(k)in is a shocking, thrill-a-minute read by one of the most provocative writers today.  What happens when a wet-behind-the-ears college graduate and his girlfriend move in with his burn out, agoraphobic, ex-Wall Streeter brother.  Sin or skin?

SIGNS FOLLOW ON THE CHESAPEAKE:  A true page turner.  In the backwaters of the Chesapeake Bay, Bill Grogan uncovers a world of voodoo and snake handlers as he tries to prove the innocence of Arlo Hamilton, who sits on Death Row, and solve the ongoing murders of Arlo's family.


MRS. F. SCOTT FITZGERALD:  A must read for fans of Fitzgerald, Hemingway and the Jazz Age Literati.  An intense biopic about the charmed but doomed life of Zelda Fitzgerald, following her descent into insanity as she inspired greatness in her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and his friend, Ernest Hemingway.
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